Crumb § Harris Family, Inc.



Whatever it is...give it to Jesus.
He can work it out.


It's Praying Time


Okay, Surgery is a must. Remember Michael in
prayer. He is having Surgery May 14.

Anterior discectomy with fusion.

God is....



Please say a Special Prayer for Michael. He is having
a lot of pain; pressure on a nerve. Surgery is raising
its ugly head.

We know God hears and answers prayer. Ask God
to bless him with relief and healing.



Detrich is in dire need of fervent prayer. Please pray for
him; each prayer will be different, but please pray.

Pray for Grandmother as well; she really needs peace
of mind.



Please say a Special Prayer for Sheronda. She will have
a surgical procedure on Thursday, October 31. Pray for
the success of the surgery. Also, pray for a speedy recovery.

Millie will be traveling to Plano for the surgery as well as
aiding her for a few days of her recovery.



Special Prayers go out to Auntie DeLo, Big Mama and the entire
Newell Family in their Bereavement.  Eddie Newell, Son, Brother,
Father made his transition.

We ask God to comfort each and all. We ask Him to give the strength
needed for these difficult days ahead. 

God is....



Please keep Archelous' dad, Shawn Knox, lifted
in Prayer. He is in the hospital and has been there
since Wednesday.

He is a fighter, and God is still in Control.

Submitted by


Millie is having eye surgery Monday, December 10.
Please say a Special Prayer for her.

Ask God to guide the hands of the surgeon,
anesthesiologist and all personnel who will be
involved in her care and procedure.

Pray for the success of the surgery and that the
pain and discomfort will be minimal.

God is....



Please say a Special Prayer for the Cohill Family;  particularly 
Mrs. Cohill. She lost her only child, Ruth, in an auto accident
today. She is now suffering through the worse ordeal a mother
could ever imagine.

Please include Auntie Priscilla & Uncle George in your prayers.
The Cohills have been dear friends of theirs for many years. They
are totally devastated.

I met Ruth and Mrs. Cohill just last week at Thanksgiving Dinner.
Now, Ruth has made her transition. Lord, have mercy!

Pray that God gives them the strength for these difficult days
ahead.  We already know God is....


Please say a special Prayer for Ma Millie.  She will be having
cataract surgery Monday, November 26. Pray for the doctor(s)
and other professionals who will be in charge of her care.

Ask God to bless her with a successful surgery and a speedy
recovery.  God is....

Please remember Bro. Archelous in Prayer.  He is
preaching his First Sermon on November 11. This
position God has elevated him to is awesome and
daunting; but we know He will be with him.  God
equips those He calls.

God is....



The effective, fervent prayers of the righteous can accomplish
(Paraphrase of James 5:16)

Barbara Stokes is off  Life Support, as of last night. She was
talking with her Family.

Continue to pray. God is....


Please say a special Prayer for Barbara Stokes. She's very ill
and in ICU at St Dominic's as we speak. We know God is....

Pray for the entire Family: J C Stokes (Husband), Monique is
their daughter and they have a son. (I don't have his name)

The Stokes are "long-time" Friends of the C & H Family and
we share their hurt.

God does hear and answer prayers.


Please say a Special Prayer for Whitley Noelle; ask the
the Lord to shower down His Grace and His Mercy.

God is....



Please say a special prayer for our darling brother-in-law,
Uncle George.  He is receiving an epidural for a pinched
nerve in his back; Thursday, October 18.  

Ask God to be a Hedge of Protection around him. Ask God
to guide the hands, thoughts and actions of all medical
personnel he will encounter during his procedure.

Ask God to bless the procedure, that all will be well. We claim
it all in Jesus' Name. Amen. God is....

Remember Auntie Priscilla in prayer as well. Pray for the
the total success of the new series of treament.  By His
Grace and Mercy; we claim the victory. God is....





Look at how awesome God is!! In May she (Big Mama)
couldn't walk; could barely talk, but by the Grace of God,
she celebrated her 88th Birthday...walking, talking and
Praising His Name.           Submitted by:  LaRetha

Hallelujah!  Thank You Jesus!  God is....



Remember Archelous in prayer. This request is non-specific. Just
ask God to grant him the desires of his heart. We know that Prayers
are being heard and Prayers are being answered.

God is....




Praise Report and update on Sancho.
He was able to be air-lifted from Miami to Jackson on Friday.
He will be hospitalized for rehab for at least 4-6 weeks before
being released. Currently, he is paralyzed from his neck down
on his right side, and from the waist
down on his left side.
He is very blessed. He is still in need of Prayer.


Please lift up Sancho Johnson and the Johnson Family
in prayer. Please pray for his healing and for strength
for his family. Sancho is Archelous' best friend. He is
a US Coast Guard currently stationed in the Virgin
Islands. He was seriously injured in a bus accident
on yesterday.

Can you vaguely remember the Prayer Request above?
It was posted in 2009


This is Sancho now:  August 4, 2012

Sancho & his Bride, Shundra.

Sancho & Archelous

This is how he has FUN. Okay?! He represents the Coast Guards
in the Warrior Games. Look at his Bow...he is very secure in his
masculinity. Check him out, Google him...Coast Guard.  

Just look at GOD!!! He does hear and answer Prayers.
Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! To God be the glory!

Praise Report

Mrs. Mary Newell is doing fine.  She is home and
up and about, doing her housework.

Thank You Jesus.  God is....



Please pray for Mrs. Enola Sanders. She was seriously injured in
an automobile accident this past Monday.  We know God hears and
answers prayers.

Mrs. Sanders is Fred Sanders' mother(our Fred).  Remember the entire
Family in prayer.

It appears she will have a lengthy recuperation, but God is....



Please continue to pray for Mr John Jackson. He is now in Hospice.
Pray for the entire Jackson Family.

God is....




Jack & Jill are here Y'all!  They could not wait.  They were
born last night, a few minutes before Midnight, Los Angeles

Please Pray for them. Being Premies, they are under weight.
Let's pray for speedy weight gain, and pray for their proper
growth and development.

Mommy is doing fine...and so is Daddy. Pa-Pa is out of his mind
with joy.

Please pray for Jaylen; who knows how this is going to go.
Po Thang. He just might not want to share Pa-Pa & Granny.

God is....


Please Pray for Mr. John Jackson. He is critically ill. Mr. Jackson
is Auntie Cynthia's Father; Uncle Johnnie's Father-in-Law. He
was hospitialized a few days ago.

Pray for Auntie Cynthia, her Mother, and the entire Jackson  
We already know God hears and answers Prayer.



Please remember Mary Kinnard Green in Prayer.
She underwent a very delicate surgery Monday,
June 4, 2012.  The surgery went very well, and she
is now recovering in Baptist Hospital.

Let's pray for a very speedy recovery.  When Prayers
go up...blessings come down. Also, Pray for those who will
be her caregivers once she gets home.  God is....



Let's remember the Newell Family in Prayer.
Mrs. Newell, Big Mama, has been hospitalized
recently.  Currently, she is in a rehab facility.

Also, Frances Newell had surgery a few days ago.

Please remember Autie Delo and each of the
Caregivers in prayer. Pray their patience and

It is so true, When it rains, it pours, but God is....



Hi All.  Thank you so much for your prayers for
Jackson for the success of his recent surgery.  He
is doing just fine.  God is....

Sheronda has a job.  God is...

April 4, 2012


Please remember
Michael in prayer. Mrs Elizabeth Thomas,

his other grandmother, made her transition yesterday. Pray
for the entire Thomas Family; for no
 matter how long our loved
ones have lived with us, it is never easy to say
goodbye.  Pray
for their comfort and strength.

Michael is still having issues with his neck, shoulder and
arm. He will see the Neurosurgeon again on March 19. Pray
for a favorable outcome.

March 11, 2012


Please, Please, Please...pray for Ambrose and
Shedric. One of their Maternal Aunts has made
her transition. They just lost Uncle Bug; now in less
than two(2) months, they've lost Carnice, their
"Other Mother."

They are understandably devestated. Pray their
strength and when you see them, give them some
love, hugs, and support.

Pray for Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Pray for the entire Smith
They have the overwhelmingly sad task of
saying "Bye" to a Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend.

It is so very hard, but God is....


Jackson is scheduled to have surgery on March 30.
Please remember him in prayer. Pray that he doesn't
take over in the OR; that he allows the surgeon to

March 30 is also Sheronda's last working day in Georgia.
God is....



When you bow, please remember the Huff Family in Prayer.
They will be relocating in the near future. When one door
closes, God opens a better one.  Ask Him to keep them
in His care.


Please pray for Billy Ray Newell. Billy Ray is one
of Auntie DeLo's brothers.  Ask the Lord to have
mercy and restore him to good health

Remember Mrs. Newell, their mother, in prayer.  Pray
for good health and peace.

Auntie DeLo needs our prayers as well. Pray for her
continued strength and endurance.


Let's remember Nichet in our daily Prayers.  She is about to become
the mother of TWINS. Ask God to bless her with a healthy pregnancy. 
Pray for the Proper Growth and Development of the Babies.  Remember
Uncle Johnnie & Auntie Cynthia in prayer as well.  God is still blessing.


Please, please keep Grandmother in your Prayers.  She has
her days, then she has HER days.  She's going to be fine.  She
is moving right along.  She has a new BFF, her Computer.


Johnnie is requesting Special Prayer.  When you
go to the altar, please whisper a prayer for him.
God is....


Please pray for the family of the late Milton Harris, Jr; our
"Baby Boy."  He made is transition December 19, 2011.  To
say we are devastated would be an understatement. Pray
mightily for our Mother.  She has just experienced a Mother's
greatest nightmare.  We know the pain will lessen in the
"Morning," but Oh Lord, when will the "Morning" come?!

We are praying special prayers for Jackson Huff, our lil'
Rock-A-Bye-Baby.  He developed, was born, and grew
"up" right here on CHFNCYSPACE.  He is still, growing
and developing.  He will continuously need our prayers.
Pray for his Mommy, Daddy and Brothers.

           Jackson & Grandmother

Also, keep Grandmother in your prayers.  Her problems
are non-specific, but she does have issues.  The major one
being, she thinks she is 71...or more like 61.  Just Pray!


Please remember Dee-Dee in prayer.  She is having a problem
with her back.
  One doctor has diagnosed it as Sciatic Nerve
problems.  She is going to see an Orthopedist soon to see
what method of treatment is needed.  Pray mightily.
You know how SPECIAL she is.  She is home. 
Remember God is....


Family, Friends, Visitors...we are going to God on behalf
of Eddie Newell.  He is in the hospital and is in need of
prayer.  We know God is the Master Healer and can do
all things.  We claim a total and complete healing.

As you go to the altar, remember the entire Newell Family
in your prayers. 


Please say a prayer for Vonzell Harris.  He is the
husband of Addie (Sister). He was hospitalized
due to a mild heart attack.  He's home now, but
still in need of prayer.

Say a special prayer for Addie.  She is the Caregiver
and will surely need it.


Please remember my BFF, Barbara, and her family in
prayer. Her husband, the great love of her, life slipped
away Thursday, 9/22.  They were about to celebrate 22
years of matrimony.

To say she is devastated would be an understatement.
Ask God to give her the strength to get through these
difficult days ahead; then one day at a time. Pray that
she remembers God is....

He was loved by many, including me. If you have a
prayer left, say it for me.  What I feel doesn't compare,
but I do feel a great sense of loss.  We go way back.

He'll be sorely missed.



Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.  LaRetha's
surgery is OVER.  God brought her safely through and
for that and more, we say Thank You Lord.

Pray for a speedy recovery and that God protects her
from herself. LOL! 


LaRetha's Surgery is scheduled for June 30th.  Please
remember her in your daily prayer.  Let's praise God
for the victory.


Please continue in Prayer for LaRetha.  She has
had a biopsy and further tests.

As of now, it appears surgery is in her future.  The
doctor is awaiting the result of the biopsy.  We know
it is benign. Praise God.

Pray her continued strength, and that this will be
behind her soon.


Thank You Lord for your Grace and Mercy.

Michael saw the Neurosurgeon a few weeks ago.
Surgery is not imminent.  Praise God! 

While Michael's ailment is often painful, it is not
life threatening.  He has a few do's and don'ts, but
he is fine and will continue to be so.

Continue to pray for him; and continue to Praise God.



Please remember our Matriarch in Prayer.  This
request is non-specific.  Whenever you bow, just
call her name.  Ask Him to continue to be that hedge
of protection around her and grant her the desires
of her heart.


Michael stands in need of Special Prayers.  He has
been experiencing nerve related pain.  He has had
an MRI and is awaiting the results.  Please pray that
the test doesn't reveal anything seriously wrong.
Also, Pray his continued strength. God is....


Please whisper a Special Prayer for LaRetha.
She is and has been undergoing tests for
a health concern. 

Another "bump in the road."  Let's pray the
testing will be over soon and all results will
be non-issues.  God is....

Please remember me in Prayer as I make this serious
transition in my life. There will be a great period of
adjustment, so I need strength and perseverance. 
Pray for the trip; traveling Grace.


Please pray for Big Mama (Mrs. Mary Ella Newell).  She
is ill and in need of our prayers.  Mrs. Newell is the mother
of Auntie DeLo, the mother-in-law of Uncle Henry.

Johnnie Lee Newell is ill also.  He is Auntie DeLo's brother.

Pray for Auntie DeLo and the entire Newell Family.

When it rains, it pours.  However, we know a God who is
able. He can and He will. 


Praise Report:  Uncle Johnnie's Surgery has been postponed.
To God Be The Glory.  Continue to pray for him.  Thank
God for His many blessings!


Praise Report: Jason's treatments are over.  He was given
a clean Bill of Health.  Thank you for your prayers.  We
thank God for hearing and answering right on time.


Praise Report:  Jason is doing great. He has returned to
work.  He is still undergoing treatments.  Continue to
remember him in prayer.



Uncle Johnnie's surgery is scheduled for Monday,
September 27th.  Please continue in your prayer
vigil.  We know God can and He will.  All praises
be unto God.



Please pray for Mr. Dewitt West.  His condition is nonspecific.
Prayers are needed nonetheless.  Ask the Lord to do what He
does best; heal, soothe, comfort, and restore health and strength.


Remember the entire West Family in prayer, especially his wife,
Mrs. Louise West.


The Wests are the family of my friend Lena. Pray for her also.


Please pray for a speedy recovery for Jason Jason had
surgery Wednesday, July 14.  He is out of the hospital  and
recuperating nicely in the loving arms/home of his mom and dad.


Pray for Auntie Cynthia as she takes care of both of
her men.



Praise Report: Jackson Huff is here! Born this morning,
June 30th4 lbs and 10 ozs.  Five weeks premature, yet
only six ounces below normal birth weight.  God is good!


All is well thus far with Jackson and his mom.  Thank you
for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for them as she
recovers and he gets his weight up so he can go home.



Please pray for Sheronda and Jackson.  He is not
due for a month, but it seems he's determined to
get here much sooner.


It is said if you want to make God laugh, plan something.


We pray for God's continued grace and mercy.  We know
He can and we have faith that He will.


Please remember Ronnie in prayer.  He lost his uncle a few
days ago.  He has double anxiety at this time.  We pray
God will give him the strength he needs to get through these
difficult days ahead.



Uncle Johnnie stands in the need of prayer. He will be having
heart surgery soon or later. Even though the surgery has yet to
be scheduled, it is never to early to start praying.


Ask God to prepare him physically, mentally and emotionally for the
surgery.  Please pray for Auntie Cynthia and all of the children.


God is the Master Surgeon, and we know He can and He will. 



Praise Report. Raymond is recuperating at home now.
Thank God for His blessings.  Thank you for your
prayers.  Don't stop, continue to pray for him as he
recovers.  Pray for his family also.


Please pray for Raymond Newell, Sr.   He is Auntie DeLo's Brother
He is in the hospital.  He had a heart attack Thursday night.


Let's thank the Master Doctor for being there with
and for him. We know that this too, shall pass.


Please pray for his wife, children, mother, siblings
and the entire family.  By all means, remember
Auntie DeLo in prayer.



When you bow, please say Uncle Johnnie's name.
It was recently discovered that he has heart valve
problems that will require surgery.

God is the same now as He was in the past. He will
and He can.  Pray that Uncle Johnnie will find peace
in the fact that God is his refuge, a very present help
in the time of trouble.



Please say a special prayer for Whitley Noelle.  She's
in her freshman year at Alabama State University in
Montgomery AL.  Shootings occurred on campus two
consecutive nights this week as she and friends were
walking. No one was injured, thank God.


We praise God for covering her with His blood and keeping
her and her friends safe.  Needless to say, they were terrified.
Ask God to continue to bless her and keep her safe.


Pray not only for her, but all students at all Colleges and Universities.
It is unbelievably rough in schools all over the nation. Much prayer
is in order.


Uncle Johnnie is requesting Special Prayer.  His request
isn't "reason" specific, and it don't have to be.  Ask the
Lord to hear his every unspoken need, and bless him

God has brought him through so much, and He will bring him
through this also.  He didn't bring him this far to leave him now.


When you bow, please call Uncle Johnnie's name.

Please pray for Archelous and his family,
the Ainsworth Family. Archelous' grandmother's
sister was the fatal victim of a house fire.


The Lord knows already the pain they feel.
Pray that He will comfort and keep them
as they try to get through these difficult
days ahead.


Friends, Family, Loved-Ones, Guests, please
say a special prayer for Addie.  She underwent
major surgery Friday, February 19th
.  She will
be hospitalized for several days.


She is not feeling well at all the moment.  Let's
pray for her comfort as well as a speedy healing
and recovery.  Jesus surely will make it all right


Sheronda's Grandmomma, Mrs. Allien Vance, lost her
battle and went home to be with Jesus. Please pray for
the Vance Family as they try to adjust and endure these
difficult days ahead.  Let us remember Sheronda in a very

special manner.

In the midst of tears, we have faith to know that God
knows best; that He loves us and would never do us


As we give Praise and Thanks for for a New Year, please
add Sheronda to your Prayer List.  She is "with child."
Let's pray for a healthy, problems-free pregnancy and
a healthy baby.


Let us spend some time thinking about and
praying for our Troops.  Many are so very far
from home and loved ones.  They are putting
their lives on the line that we may enjoy these
freedoms we have.  Keep them in prayer.

Please continue praying for Sheronda's
grandmomma, Mrs. Allien Vance.  I'm
asking you to add her grandfather,
Mr. Levi Vance to your prayer list. 

He is having some health issues, however
we know the Master Healer.

LaRetha is recovering nicely.  Actually, she is doing great.
She is scheduled to return to work in about Two
weeks.  Continue praying  for her.

Uncle Bill's mother went home to be with Jesus,
on Wednesday, September 9, 2009.

Please pray for Uncle Bill and the entire Peavie
Family as they go through these difficult days
ahead.  Pray that God will speak Peace,
Comfort and Healing in their lives.


Family, Friends, Guests, please say a special
prayer for LaRetha.  She is having multiple
surgeries Monday, August 31

Pray for the success of her surgeries and that
her recovery will be expedient.

While praying for her, remember the surgeons
and anesthesiologists in prayer.

"I pray for you, you pray for me.  We are a part of
God's family.  It is His will that every need be supplied.
You are important to me, I need you to survive."


Dear, dear Family, Friends, Loved Ones and Guests,
please pray for Mrs. Mary Peavie.  She is seriously ill.
She is hospitalized at the moment.

As you pray for her, remember her family in prayer.
It is heartbreaking and very difficult to see those you
love having to deal with a serious illness.

Mrs. Peavie is the mother of our own Uncle Bill. 

The effectual fervent prayers of the righteous availeth much.


Family, Friends, Loved Ones, Site Visitors please say
a special prayer for Mrs. Allien Washington Vance.
Mrs Vance is very ill, and has been hospitalized for
for some time now.  We know Jesus Christ, our Lord
and Savior, is the Master Healer.  We also know that
don't have the last word.

When you bow, ask Jesus to do what only He is
able to do.  Pray for the Family as well.

Mrs. Vance is Sheronda's Grandma.


Our beloved John lost his battle with cancer on
June 8, 2009.  God needed a special angel who is
also a comedian, so He called him to eternal rest.
He will be sorely missed by all who were privileged
to know him.  He will be especially missed by all
of us who were blessed to call him family and friend.

Pray mightily for the entire Kinnard Family. Please
say a special prayer for his wife, children, grandchildren,
sisters and brother as they go through these difficult
days ahead.


John is in a real battle.  Please do remember him in
prayer.  Pray also for his wife and children.  And,
don't forget about his sisters and brother.  We
are a praying family.  If Jesus can't fix it, nobody can.


 Praise Report and update on Uncle Kent.
Praise God...Uncle Kent has gone back to work.
He has finished one series of treatment.
Please continue in prayer for him.


Praise Report and update on Sancho.
He was able to be air-lifted from Miami to Jackson on Friday.
He will be hospitalized for rehab for at least 4-6 weeks before
being released. Currently, he is paralyzed from his neck down
on his right side, and from the waist
down on his left side.
 He is very blessed. He is still in need of  Prayer.


Please lift up Sancho Johnson and the Johnson Family
in prayer. Please pray for his healing and for strength
for his family. Sancho is Archelous' best friend. He is
a US Coast Guard currently stationed in the Virgin
Islands. He was seriously injured in a bus accident
on yesterday.


There is a Praise Report on Chelsey Gladney.
She is home now from the Burn Center.
She has even been attending her church,
Lynch Street C.M.E.

She has challenges, but she is doing very well.
The fervent prayers of the righteous availeth
much. Keep her in your prayers


John Curtis Kinnard

Family, Friends, Loved Ones...
I ask you to remember John in prayer.

When you bow, call out his name. Say,
"Father in the Name of Your Son Jesus,
I ask you to heal John."

If those words don't work for you, say what's
in your heart.  The important thing is that we
all petition the throne of God in John's behalf.

Pray unceasingly.  We are asking for one
of God's miracles.  He is the Master Healer.

He's doing his favorite thing...eating.


Kenneth - The Seventh Sibling

The surgery was successful.  The prognosis
is very good.  As we know, healing comes
from God; so continue to pray.

Kenneth has begun Chemo and Radiation.
Often these treatments are very debilitating,
but let's ask God to give Kenneth strength
to tolerate, to endure, to thrive, to sail through.
Soon all of it will be behind him. Keep praying!

You don't have to know the "right" words...
just bow and God will listen to your heart.



When you bow at your altar, or at the altar in
your church, please pray for President
Barack Obama and his family.

Dear GOD,
We pray for optimum health, mental clarity
and political prosperity for Barack Obama
We pray that what he lacks in political 
'experience' You make up for with 
supernatural wisdom and power.  We also
pray that when his enemies come upon him 
they will stumble and fall; and
that Your
love will fill his heart to the end, that 'Your
will' will be done through him. 

We pray mightily for his protection. We
ask you to dispatch legions of angels to
protect them from all hurt, harm, danger,
and from all accidents and incidents as he 
has become the President of these United States.
We thank and praise you for answering the
sincere prayers
 of the righteous.  

 In Jesus' Name,

Let's remember Buddy & ShaMeka and
the entire Johnson & Howard they really
need our prayers.  Please lift them up when
you bow.


We are remembering Chelsey Gladney
in our prayers.

Chelsey was seriously injured in an automobile
accident Sunday, October 5 in Jackson MS. 
Although she is a resident of Jackson, she is
now in critical condition in a hospital burn unit
in Augusta GA.  She has burns over 40% of her
body, her lower body, which has resulted in the
amputation of both feet.

Please pray for her.  It is her and her family's
time now, but who knows when it will be your time.

All of us have issues and problems that we pray
about daily, but please find enough time and
compassion to take her and her family to
the altar.

I know you are going to pray for her. 

Thank you.

God bless!


Sean Thompson, 17 yrs old.

We are praying for the family and friends of
Sean Thompson.  Sean was killed in an automobile
accident Saturday morning, October 11.  He was a
Senior at Madison Central High School.  One of the
passengers was left paralyzed.  He and his family
need our prayers also.

Please keep all of them in mind as you bow at your altar.